New flashlamp system for the BlitzLab

Three weeks ago, Stephan Krüger from BlitzLab, Björn Wolf from HZDR Innovation GmbH and other partners visited the TU Bergakademie Freiberg for the first time, more precisely at the Center for Efficient High-Temperature Material Conversion. The background to this meeting is the handover of a system from Von Ardenne to our BlitzLab, which we are allowed to set up in cooperation with the TUBAF in the ZeHS for space and logistical reasons.
Dr. Björn Wolf, HZDRi (3.vl), Dr. Barbara Abendroth, ZeHS, (4.vl), Stephan Krüger, BlitzLab (5.vl) sowie weitere Partner
(3rd from left), Dr. Barbara Abendroth, ZeHS, (4th from left), Stephan Krüger, BlitzLab (5th from left) and other partners

After the first planning meeting with the director of the UeHS, Barbara Abendroth, the delivery took place last Wednesday.

We are very grateful for the new system, which will enable us to flash substrates with dimensions of up to 120cm*120cm in the future. The first projects to use the FLA RTP 1200 in the field of recycling and coatings are already being planned.

In the coming weeks we will be working on the commissioning, be curious when we can carry out the first tests with the system in Freiberg.