The processes of ultra-short annealing such as flash lamp annealing (FLA) and laser annealing have the potential to make an important contribution. In the thermal treatment of materials using ultra-short time annealing, high temperatures are applied for very short times (nano to milliseconds), so that only near surface regions of the material are exposed to the maximum temperature, while the majority is not or only moderately heated. These ultra-short annealing technologies have the following advantages over conventional thermal treatments:

• Energy saving, since only regions near the surface are heated
• Process time savings (or higher throughput)
• Use of temperature-sensitive substrates, which are usually cheaper and less harmful to the environment
• Synthesis of new materials in thermal non-equilibrium

The Helmholtz Innovation Lab Blitzlab is part of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR). Blitzlab aims to develop and optimize methods of ultra-short-time annealing for various fields of application. This is done in cooperation with industrial partners. The primary goal is to disseminate and transfer these technologies to industry and application-oriented research areas. Blitzlab offers its cooperation partners access to a tempering laboratory with several flash lamp and laser systems and, in cooperation with the HZDR, to many other methods of material treatment and material analysis.

The Innovation Lab focuses on FLA technology and focuses with the following fields of application: