New project at BlitzLab: Improved SRF-cavities due to FLA!

In the constantly evolving world of particle accelerators, Superconducting Radiofrequency (SRF) cavities play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. However, the production of such systems faces challenges concerning the performance and cost of superconducting thin coatings.We are pleased to announce that our team member, Dr. Sławomir Prucnal, has become a part of the IFAST project, located at the renowned CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). The BlitzLab is developing a new thermal method based on the…

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Slawomir Prucnal, Institut für Ionenstrahlphysik und Materialforschung (HZDR). Mitarbeiter des Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), fotografiert am 11. Dezember 2017. Foto: André Wirsig für das Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Attention students! We offer exciting bachelor and master theses!

The BlitzLab provides two options for students who are enthusiastic about future-oriented battery technologies. Our focus is on the silicon anode in lithium-ion batteries (LIB) - an innovation that significantly increases energy efficiency and drastically reduces charging times. However, there are challenges here, such as the volume change during the charging cycle and the stabilization of the solid electrolyte interface (SEI).The through the proportion of active material, e.g. Silicon, in an electrode specific basis weight and the electrode density, represent…


Start of the new battery project FKLiB!

We are happy to announce the launch of our newly funded project FKLiB! The project is funded by the BMBF under the VIP+ program and focuses on the development of integrated high-capacity solid-state Li-ion batteries. VIP+ stands for "Validation of the Innovation Potential of Scientific Research," and it provides us, at BlitzLab at HZDR, with the opportunity to implement our innovative ideas in battery research into practice and validate their potential. Our colleague Dr. Charaf Cherkouk takes over the project management. We are looking forward…


BlitzLab presentation at SENSOR DISRUPT 2022 in Chemnitz

Sensor:Disrupt 2022Tomorrow the #SENSORxDISRUPT 2022 will take place in Chemnitz. Our BlitzLab innovation manager Stephan Krüger is making a contribution this year. As a speaker, he will hold his pitch at 12:10 p.m. on Impedance BioCHIPs for counting cells without dilution and determining vitality.He will then be happy to stand at the stand of HZDR Innovation GmbH. Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) ready for discussions.The hosts of the event are Sensorik Sachsen - SenSa and Smart Systems Hub.Are in Chemnitz; TechIsland…

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New flashlamp system for the BlitzLab

Three weeks ago, Stephan Krüger from BlitzLab, Björn Wolf from HZDR Innovation GmbH and other partners visited the TU Bergakademie Freiberg for the first time, more precisely at the Center for Efficient High-Temperature Material Conversion. The background to this meeting is the handover of a system from Von Ardenne to our BlitzLab, which we are allowed to set up in cooperation with the TUBAF in the ZeHS for space and logistical reasons. After the first planning meeting with the director…

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Dr. Björn Wolf, HZDRi (3.vl), Dr. Barbara Abendroth, ZeHS, (4.vl), Stephan Krüger, BlitzLab (5.vl) sowie weitere Partner