VON ARDENNE is an international technology company. It develops and manufactures vacuum coating equipment for various applications in research and industry. Customers all over the world use this equipment to coat substrates such as glass, polymer film, wafers, or metal strip. The coated materials form the basis for products in sustainable energy and mobility, precision optics and state-of-the-art electronics.

As a BlitzLab cooperation partner, VON ARDENNE contributes to the development and optimization of flash lamp curing at the HZDR. The VON ARDENNE RTP 1200 flash system allows the processing of substrates up to 1.2 m x 1.2 m in size.  At the HZDR, it is used to produce new innovative materials and technologies. The collaboration between the BlitzLab and VON ARDENNE makes it possible to translate research results into industrial applications more effectively and to develop new products for various industries.

Rovak GmbH, based in Wilsdruff near Dresden, was founded in 2002 and specializes in vacuum systems, vacuum chambers and vacuum technology. Rovak GmbH strives for constant further development and cooperates with research institutions, universities and start-ups in order to remain innovative and flexible. Even before the Helmholtz Innovation Lab Blitzlab was created, close collaborations between Rovak GmbH and the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) existed. Rovak GmbH has its own design and technology department with specialists in the field of thin-film technology. For the development of pulsed high-performance flash lamps for applications in research and industry, Rovak GmbH draws on its many years of experience in the field of conventional thermal processes.  

The IHP (Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics), is a Leibniz-Institute, and a center of excellence for silicon germanium structures and researches and develops in the field of silicon systems, high-frequency circuits and developments for wireless and broadband communication. The IHP collaborates closely with universities and industry, e.g. in joint labs with universities and technical colleges. Research focuses on economically relevant topics such as the semiconductor or automotive industry, aerospace or automation technology.

 FROLYT Kondensatoren und Bauelemente GmbH (“FROLYT Capacitors and Components GmbH”) was founded in 1947 as “Elektroindustriewerk Freiberg” (Freiberg Electrical Industrial factory) and manufactured capacitors. In 1992, FROLYT was founded. Since then, business operations have focused on aluminum electrolytic capacitors, special machine construction and the assembly of power supplies for mobile and fixed networks.

Smartrac Technology GmbH, Dresden

Smartrac Technology GmbH with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a global leader in RFID and IoT technologies and solutions and enables its customers to provide their products with digital services and connect them to the Internet of Things. Founded in 2000, Smartrac quickly expanded with branches and production facilities in Europe, America and Asia. Smartrac relies on continuous innovation, flexibility and the ability to always respond to customer requirements.  

Technical University Freiberg was founded in 1765 and is active in the field of semiconductor research, among other things. As a result, various companies in the semiconductor industry also settled in Freiberg. The Institute for Experimental Physics has methods for material production and characterization, chemical laboratories, as well as an electronic and a mechanical workshop. There is also a microscope pool, oven pool, photovoltaic pool and a spectroscopy pool. 

Hochschule Mittweida, Lehrstuhl Innovationsmanagement, Mittweida

Hochschule Mittweida, Lehrstuhl Innovationsmanagement, Mittweida


Prof. Gebel heads the Chair of Industrial Management with a focus on innovation management and consulting at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. Due to his previous jobs as managing director of two technology companies, he has a high level of industrial experience. The University of Applied Sciences Mittweida will collaborate with Blitzlab primarily in the areas of communication and business development.