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The BlitzLab provides two options for students who are enthusiastic about future-oriented battery technologies. 🚀

Our focus is on the silicon anode in lithium-ion batteries (LIB) – an innovation that significantly increases energy efficiency and drastically reduces charging times. However, there are challenges here, such as the volume change during the charging cycle and the stabilization of the solid electrolyte interface (SEI).
The through the proportion of active material, e.g. Silicon, in an electrode specific basis weight and the electrode density, represent the technological parameters for a high storage density and an optimized electrode design.
We rely on innovative solutions such as near-surface treatment, e.g. plasma immersion ion implantation. The aim is to generate a passive and stable layer on the silicon anode after the first cycle and thus increase the battery life.

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Topic master thesis:
Surface modification and interface investigations of Si anode materials for lithium-ion batteries!ContMan.Angebote.Liste?pNid=no&pSelAnzeige=1&pSelMenu=-1&pSelId=399


Topic bachelor thesis:
Production of Si-based electrodes with a higher Si layer thickness for lithium-ion batteries!ContMan.Angebote.Liste?pNid=no&pSelAnzeige=1&pSelMenu=-1&pSelId=400


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