It has been the goal of SiNergy-Project to develop two material systems, which are used for production of anode materials based on silicon (Si) for secondary lithium ion battery (LIB) with highest energy density. The first material system consists of a Si metal electrode (Si-ME) made by a method which combined sputtering and flash lamp annealing (FLA). The second system was a Si fleece electrode (Si-FE) of NORAFIN GmbH consisting of a fleece substrate, which was treated with Si. This follow-up treatment took place in-house at NORAFIN GmbH. Both approaches meant to compensate the change in volume of Si after lithium storage and therefore enable the promising electro-chemical potential of Si as an anode material with ten times higher storage capacity compared to conventional graphit.
Partners within the project consortium were the HZDR, TU BAF Institue of experimantal physic and NORAFIN GmbH.